Finishing Touches – Country Kitchen Or Ultra Modern

The process has been longer than intended, but now the kitchen is starting to come together, or at least on paper, the new cupboards have been made, the sink will be relocated – despite the inconvenience of having no water for several days and the problem which will be encountered when moving the waste. The worktops have been chosen and you can see, in your mind, a beautiful show kitchen!

There is just one small oversight, the original floor, which looked good with the old kitchen is not going to look right with the new! With just a few days to go before the fitters are here, it’s time to get the catalogs out, visit the shops and look at flooring – tiles for the kitchen are always a good option.

Kitchen tiles are excellent as they are hard wearing for the heavy foot traffic most kitchens get and they are very easy to clean when that bottle of red wine is splashed across the floor – a careless guest at a dinner party? Having tiles in the kitchen is also very practical if you have animals, at least there muddy prints; or their little accidents’ can be cleared up quickly and easily.

The choice is immense; just one visit to a shop or online store will leave you baffled! Simple, black and white, plain colors, an assortment of patterns, just about anything you could think of and there will be a tile to suit. Of course, the huge range will make it easier to match the other items in your new kitchen, tiles don’t just belong on the floor, they can also be used as splash backs, again in a myriad of different colors and designs.

Using tiles in the kitchen has practical advantages over other flooring, laminate can be easy to scratch, or chip, particularly where the joins are. The joins are also likely to swell if there are too many things spilled on them. If one piece of laminate is damaged it is very complicated to remove and replace, whereas a tile can be lifted and replaced fairly easily. Vinyl flooring is also used in kitchens, but this is very easy to mark – one high heeled shoe can ruin the floor! Again, this is something that cannot easily be fixed; the whole floor would need to be removed!

So tiles for the kitchen floor seem the most logical way to go and now you’ve picked them and can add them to your visually perfect kitchen, it’s time to enjoy watching it all be fitted.